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Through mystical and soulful music, AREUBLUE is forging a new path. Bringing together traditional ethnic instruments and atmospheric electronic sounds, it’s impossible not to be moved by AREUBLUE’s rhythmic tracks. 


Powered by a connection to spirituality and self-love, AREUBLUE’s music will take you on a journey to heal the heart and mind.


Created by percussionist and music producer Shyam Lalani, AREUBLUE is an expressive project that takes what it means to be human and turns it into a language that resonates with listeners around the world. 


Shyam grew up with parents who encouraged exploration and experimentation in music. Both his parents are musicians, and it was at his father’s percussion gig that Shyam’s entry to the world began. Surrounded by the pulse of creativity and living close to New York City, he spent his formative adolescent years DJing small parties, listening to music and discovering his own love for music. 


Although this pathway led him to working in music professionally, Shyam began to crave a more authentic musical expression. He spent a few years developing his skills as a music producer in college and realized that the introspective side of creating and listening to music helped him to relax and get away from the pressures happening in his life. 


During this time he was also studying an undergrad in Psychology. Understanding how expressive arts can bring release to past trauma led him to choose the name AREUBLUE, a reference to the meaning of his name Shyam (“blue” in Sanskrit) and the importance of mental and emotional health. 


He then traveled through Arizona in 2017, a place where the isolated mountain ranges and canyons gave him room to reconnect with nature as he played music without agenda or limitation. This experience inspired him to bridge the gap between traditional sacred sounds and hypnotic electronic music. 


Drawing from cultures around the world, AREUBLUE highlights the unique sound of each region before putting his own spin on it, bringing ancient sounds into the present day. His influences include CloZee, Yanni and Black Coffee and the AREUBLUE sound synergizes concepts from Tribal and Organic House, Downtempo Bass and Psychedelic Techno. 


AREUBLUE has performed his unique blend of world instruments and electronic music at private events in Los Cabos, Tulum, Budapest, Milan, Dubai, Bangkok and London. Since his last EP “Spirit” was released in 2021, he spends less than 2 weeks home in between shows, spending the rest of his year traveling and touring. 


AREUBLUE has performed and DJed sets at MoonWalk Festival in 2021 & 2022 (held at the original Woodstock Festival grounds), Nikki Beach Club Miami, Florida, The Indo Warehouse Year One Party at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, NYC, and Tetra Lounge Denver, Colorado. 


As AREUBLUE’s sound continues to grow, Shyam hopes to shift the landscape of the heart and mind to bring healing to the physical world as well as the soul and spirit. Creating spaces to explore and be vulnerable, AREUBLUE is looking to the future with more releases and festivals lined up to bring people together. 


His music provides a vessel for you to interpret yourself as a strong and powerful spirit; a spirit that is not to be reckoned with. A spirit that has the courage to take the unfamiliar path to learn and grow.

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